Income tax refund delay : Reasons and Solutions

income tax refund delay India 2019 2020

Many tax-payers are worried about income tax refund delay in India. You have filed your income tax return on time. Chances are that you have filed your return long before due date. But if you are still waiting for refund, then probably there are certain reasons behind that.

You can check your income tax refund status here . The status may be That “assessing officer has not sent this refund to your refund Banker. Please contact your Assessing Officer”. Or, “if this refund has been sent by your Assessing Officer within the last week, you may wait for a week and again check status”.

Now that you have checked it several times . And you see “no records found” every time. Then its high time you had a look at the possible reasons for no refund. Many assessees have received Income tax Intimation U/S 143(1) as their returns have been processed. Many tax payers have received a Thank you note from IT dept. for filing return in the financial year 2018-19 and assessment year 2019-20. They take it as a great gesture from income tax department. But in some cases, they have not received refund yet.

Income tax refund delayed India
Check your refund status

Income Tax Refund delay -Reason 1 :

The fact is IT Dept. has changed refund rules form March 2019. Income Tax department has decided to issue refund only through electronic mode i.e. digital payment. They would no longer issue a cheque for the purpose of refund. Now, they will deposit the refund amount electronically only to that bank account which is linked with you PAN number.

Now if the bank account number you have mentioned for the purpose of refund while submitting return, should be linked with your PAN number. If it is not, the first step would be to link your that specific bank account to PAN number.

For most of the banks you can link or update PAN number with a bank account online only.

Income Tax Refund delay -Reason 2 :

You have mentioned a certain bank account number while filling your income tax return online. That specific bank account has to be pre-validated on the e-filing portal of income tax department. You can check yourself whether a specific bank account is pre-validated or not. If it is not, you will have to do so.


For that login to income tax India e-filing portal. Go to > profile settings > pre-validate bank account. All integrated bank account will be visible here and their respective status also. Please consult the image below.

Income tax India pre-validate bank account
Pre-validate your bank account

To pre-validate your bank account online you can login to net-banking facility of respective bank. Like in Axis bank after logging in go to > Services > Tax Services > Income Tax E-Filing. Please select your A/C details as provided in the Income Tax e-Filing Returns for Refund and proceed. It will be done in a few clicks.

axis bank account prevalidate for Income Tax refund

For most other banks you can pre-validate your bank account as well in the same way.

Now, once you have pre-validated you bank account, there should be no issue in income tax refund. Refund should be directly credited to your bank account.

Income Tax Refund Delay Quick Facts

  • In case of any difficulty or delay in the receipt of refund, you call the State Bank of India Call Center number 18004259760 to know the status of refund.
  • Refunds is issued only for amounts exceeding Rs. 100.
  • If you wish to file rectification request, you can log in to with your User ID and Password and choose Rectification Request under E-File section.

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