Credit Card Bill Payment Offers

credit card payment offers

Here we will discuss about some awesome credit card payment offers. You are handling a couple of credit cards or even more. There are a few credit card bill payment app which will make your payment hassle free. These will not only help in conforming to bill payment due dates, these will help you analyse and spends. And on the top of that you can earn cash back and rewards as well.


CRED is credit card bill payment app. It rewards you for timely credit card bill payments by providing them with exclusive credit card bill payment offers and access to premium experiences. You can earn Cred coins by just making credit card bill payment.

Now you can use these coins to go for in-app merchant offers. If the payment is more than Rs 1000/- or 5000/- , you can burn 1000 coins or 5000 coins instantly for scratch cards . Rupee rewards through scratch cards will be directly deposited in your credit card account.

You can to manage multiple credit card here and also get an analysis of your credit core. A person with a high Experian or CRIF score are eligible for exclusive rewards upon payment of their credit card bills through the app. Some of the features in the app are credit card spend tracking and credit card management. Using these features you can efficiently manage your credit card, be it HDFC, ICICI, SBI, AXIS or any other credit card.

How to apply for a CRED membership ?

You can download CRED app here and proceed by feeding your full name and a valid Indian mobile number on the app. One should use the mobile number linked with a certain credit card. The app CRED checks your credit score with credit bureaus like CIBIL, CRIF and Experian. If your score is above the accepted eligibility score, you will be accepted as a member of CRED. Once you become a member, you can enjoy all the benefits.


Google Pay

Google Pay is one of the most popular UPI apps. You can make Credit card bill payment and get scratch cards. Through scratch cards you can get some money, depending on your luck.

Google Pay Offers

To make bill payment in G pay go to New payment and add VPA Id of your card. As the payment is through UPI mode only, it gets credited fast. The VPA id of ICICI would look like [email protected] .

Download Google Pay here.

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